FireWall DS

Pubblicato: ottobre 4, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized

FireWall DS

Dgital Worm rilascia la sua prima applicazione (codificata in palib), FireWall DS!

In questo gioco il vostro computer sarà attaccato da dei virus, e voi dovrete capire quale eliminare risolvendo una semplice espressione (una specie di math training)

le parole dell’autore:

Hello homebrewers!
I had recently become very interested in Nintendo DS homebrew games and apps, so I thought a good way to start was with PAlib! I just compiled my first game.

A little background on this game:
I was in my computer programming class (of which I was just relearning everything I already knew anyways) and the class was assigned a project. The project was to create a game in BASIC that would teach elementary school kids some kind of skill (spelling, speed math, history facts, etc). The game I made was called FireWall. In the game, there were viruses trying to attack a computer. Each virus had a multiplication expression and the computer had a number on it. You had to click the correct virus to keep playing the game.
To my surprise, many of my highschool friends really liked the game. So for my first homebrew game, I decided to create a remake of FireWall (not a port! the DS one is still very different).

So I hope you enjoy my first DS game…..and GIVE FEEDBACK!!!

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