[DS] Akaio 1.80

Pubblicato: ottobre 15, 2010 da kabir94 in FLASHCARD


Normatt aggiorna AKAIO, il loader alternativo per Acekard+, Acekard R.P.G., Acekard 2 e Acekard 2i.
In questa nuova versione ci sono molti miglioramenti generali al firmware e molti giochi fixati.

+ New Filesystem library (should be more reliable and less buggy than libfat).
+ Adjusted key repeat delay from 3 seconds to 1 second.
+ zLib updates since lord knows how long it’s been since that was first added
– Credit to GPF for sources (http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/)
+ Added ability to delete non-empty folders.
+ Changed the way the list is sorted so its case insensitive.
+ Fix custom icons.
+ Updated French translation (Thanks corenting).
+ Updated German translation (Thanks WiZaRd).
+ USRCHEAT.DAT is now maintained by yusuo and hosted at akaio.net
– TempDB in Wifi Plugin replaced by AKAIO (yusuo)
– WhatsNew works for it as well
– We have complete control of your cheats. Be afraid.
+ Added Anti-Anti-Piracy work around.
– This seems to break single card download play atleast for now so its disabled by default.
– On AKRPG it creates a filename.ap file for each game you launch with the option enabled.
– On AK2 it creates an ap.bin file in the __aio folder.
+ Fixed usrcheat.dat parsing when the game is the last in the file.

Giochi fixati:

Fixed MySims – SkyHeroes (#5237).
Fixed Okamiden Chiisaki Taiyou (#5239).
Fixed Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (#5247).
Fixed Petz – Playschool (#5251).
Fixed Kingdom Hearts – Re-coded (#5255).
Fixed Blue Dragon – Awakened Shadow (#5252).
Fixed Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (#5253).
Fixed Dementium II (#5246).
Fixed Dimentium II Tozasareta Byoutou (#5239).
Fixed Blue Dragon – Awakened Shadow (#5232).
Fixed Etrian Odyssey 3 – Drowned City (#5233).
Fixed Metal Fight Beyblade – Bakugami Susanoh Shuurai! (#5110).
Fixed Battle Spirits Digital Starter (#5158).
Fixed Tetris Party Deluxe (#5188).
Fixed The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (#5096,#5189).
Fixed One Piece – Gigant Battle (#5197).
Fixed Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (#5200).
Fixed Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (#5202).
Fixed Last Window – The Secret of Cape West (#5213).
Fixed Camp Rock (#????).
Fixed Rabbids Go Home (#5221).
Fixed Jaka Jaka Music! (#5229).
Fixed Pocket Monsters: White (#5216).
Fixed Pocket Monsters: Black (#5215).
Fixed 1000 Cooking Recipes from Elle a Table (#5163).
Fixed Art Academy (#5164).
Fixed Pro Wrestling Kentei DS (#5155).
Fixed Tetris Party Premium (#5156).
Fixed Heart Catch PreCure! Oshare Collection (#5166).
Fixed Metal Max 3 (#5135).
Fixed Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride Card Battle Taisen (#5136).
Fixed Wizardry ~Boukyaku no Isan~ (#5143).
Fixed TV Anime Fairy Tail DS Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen (#5133).
Fixed Club Penguin – Elite Penguin Force – Herbert’s Revenge *MULTi2* (#5114).
Fixed Metal Beyblade: Cyber Pegasis (#5121).
Fixed Quiz! Hexagon II (#5123).
Fixed Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies (#5124).
Fixed Toy Story 3 (#5127).
Fixed Keshikasu-kun: Battle Castival (#5116).
Fixed Metal Fight Beyblade: Bakushin Susanoh Shuurai! (#5110).
Fixed Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu~ (#5097).
Fixed Odoru Daisousasen The Game: Sensuikan ni Sennyuu Seyo! (#5098).


UPDATE In caso abbiate problemi con il plugin wifi, dovete eseguire queste semplici operazioni:
– Modificare la voce “cheat site” su “‘yusuo’ (NOT ‘OFFICIAL’)”
– Scaricate il plugin aggiornato e copiatelo in __aio/plugin/ (sovrascrivete)

Download plugin wifi aggiornato

  1. Danilo ha detto:


    Se qualche gioco non vi va, fate Proprietà e abilitate l’opzione per togliere l’AP!


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