[DS] Wood RPG 1.13

Pubblicato: settembre 20, 2010 da jackinstoon in FLASHCARD


Yellow Wood Goblin ha rilasciato una nuova versione del Wood RPG, firmware alternativo per Acekard. Presto uscirà il porting per R4 di questa versione :) Changelog:

– fatfs core updated to 0.08a.
– libnds 1.4.5 used.
– new window manager. toplevel dialogs draw faster.
– unfortunally some lame groups add introes to games. in some cases introes cause problems. so introes removed.

– ‘sorcerer’s apprentice, the (europe)’ fixed.
– ‘one piece – gigant battle (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘professor layton and the unwound future (usa)’ fixed.
– ‘tinker bell and the great fairy rescue (europe)’ fixed.
– game bug in ‘catan (netherlands)’ fixed.
– ‘last window – the secret of cape west (europe)’ fixed.
– ‘pocket monsters – white (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘pocket monsters – black (japan)’ fixed.




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