[DS] msxDS v0.86

Pubblicato: settembre 18, 2010 da jackinstoon in FLASHCARD


Popolon ha aggiornato il suo emulatore msx, msx2 e msx2+ per DS. Changelog:

  • Added scrolling file names with the stylus.
  • Now we must do a double-tap on the save-state icon.
  • Modified the routine of collision of MSX1 sprites for Pitfall II.
  • Small improvement of the UI.
  • MSX2 mode by default (because it is faster than the MSX2+ mode).
  • Fixed some bugs in the patch the ROM disk. (Improved DSK images support.)
  • SCC+ emulation (for SD Snatcher, Konami Game collections, etc…).
  • Fixed of the screen12 color contour which was managed like the screen8.
  • Removal of some useless display conditions. (msxDS is still a bit faster!)



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