[DS] ZXDS v0.9.1 Beta 1

Pubblicato: agosto 14, 2010 da jackinstoon in FLASHCARD

Patrick Rak rilascia una nuova versione del suo emulatore ZX Spectrum per DS. Changelog:

+ Memory viewer and disassembler.
+ Tape sound is now audible in normal speed load mode (conveniently forced with R+A).
* The system log can be saved to a file now, helpful when troubleshooting.
* Cleaned up the virtual directory code, greatly reducing the amount of required IO accesses.
* Changed the confusing bouncing logic of previous displays’ history to simple LRU.
* Fixed the annoying sound clicks when sound is temporarily paused (e.g., scrolling in requesters).
* Minor bugfixes in download code (HTTP continuation lines, last line EOL in listings).
! Dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Smith. Rest in Peace, Joffa.




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