[WII] WiiSX Beta 2

Pubblicato: luglio 4, 2010 da jackinstoon in FLASHCARD

Il Wii64Team ha rilasciato la seconda beta del porting dell’emulatore PSX chiamato “PCSX” per Wii. Changelog:

* Compiled with devkitPPC r21 / libOGC SVN
* Compiled with new libDI / DVDx V2
* DVD reads are now done with direct PowerPC access
+ Samba loading
+ Execute BIOS
* Controller improvements
+ Rumble for Wiimote-based input
+ Wiimote-only controls
+ Classic Controller Pro & 3rd party controller support
+ Reconfigurable button mapping
+ Save/Load button mapping from file
+ New menu system
+ Classic Controller support
+ Wiimote / Wiimote & nunchuck support
+ Settings saving
+ Auto load/save option for saves
+ Pillar-boxing ‘Force 16:9’ mode
* Fixed color mapping for FMV
+ FranSPU
* Smooth stereo audio at full FPS
+ SSSPSX input plugin
+ DualShock Controller support
+ Rumble support
* Analog/Digital switching
+ CDRMooby
* Improved compatibility
* CDDA not implemented yet




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