[DS] Wood RPG 1.09

Pubblicato: giugno 18, 2010 da jackinstoon in FLASHCARD


Yellow Wood Goblin ha rilasciato una nuova versione del Wood RPG, firmware alternativo per Acekard. Presto uscirà il porting per R4 di questa versione :) Changelog:

– i’m tired of complaints from noobs about euro sonic classic collection so: encrypted roms support added.
– error shown if not enough space for save.
– total/used/free space calculation improved.
– slot2 in favorites bug fixed.

– select+l changed to l+select. (to show hidden files now you need to press the l-button first).
– l+y shows global settings.
– ‘start button’ ‘file’ option fixed in skins.
– disk-icon with odd width fixed.

– some games like ‘just sing!’ wrongly patched.
– ‘kunio-kun no chou nekketsu! – soccer league plus – world hyper cup hen (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘yumeiro patissiere – my sweets cooking (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘rockman exe – operate shooting star (japan)’ freeze fixed.
– ‘club penguin – elite penguin force – herbert’s revenge (usa)’ fixed.
– ‘prince of persia – the forgotten sands (usa)’ fixed.
– softreset in ‘dengeki gakuen rpg – cross of venus’ fixed.
– softreset fixed in ‘scene it twilight’.
– ‘rooms – the main building (europe)’ fixed.
– softreset and directional pad cheats together switched on cause ‘legend of zelda, the – phantom hourglass’ freeze.
– ‘rockman zero collection (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘mega man zero collection (usa)’ fixed.
– ‘mega man zero collection (europe)’ fixed.
– ‘tamagotchi no pichi pichi omisecchi (japan)’ fixed.




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