Wood RPG 1.08

Pubblicato: maggio 28, 2010 da jackinstoon in Uncategorized


Yellow Wood Goblin ha rilasciato una nuova versione del Wood RPG, firmware alternativo per Acekard. Presto uscirà il porting per R4 di questa versione 🙂 Changelog:

• fatfs core updated to 0.08.
• cheats cause slowdown in some games. fixed.
• softreset/cheats arm7 core updated.
• bug in cheat custom code processing fixed.

• ‘alice in wonderland’ was broke in previous version.
• soft-reset fixed in ‘viva pinata – pocket paradise’.
• some lags fixed in ‘ultimate mortal kombat’ & ‘minna no conveni (japan)’.
• ‘not enought memory’ bug in ‘miami nights’ fixed.
• ‘petz – fantasy (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘cosmetic paradise – kirei no mahou (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘jam with the band (europe)’ fixed. game has 32 mbyte save.
• ‘prince of persia – the forgotten sands (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘sonny with a chance (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘blue dragon – awakened shadow (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘captain tsubasa – gekitou no kiseki (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘super robot taisen og saga – masou kishin – the lord of elemental (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘medarot ds – kabuto ver.’ & ‘medarot ds – kuwagata ver.’ fixed.
• ‘g.g series – collection+ (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘saka tsuku ds – world challenge 2010 (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘tetris party deluxe (usa)’ fixed.




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