Powder v113

Pubblicato: aprile 16, 2010 da jackinstoon in Uncategorized

Jeff Laif ha aggiornato Powder, homebrew-game del genere Platform che giunge alla versione 113. Changelog:

* Fireball and Cloudkill always explode at the end of their trajectory.
* When you gain permanent intrinsics by evolving or lichifying, relevant temporary intrinsics will be cleared, preventing you from having a silver-tolerant lich. (Nathan Bogue)
* Timestamps on the final character dump and the description of how long you lived will now match. (Deozaan)
* You can wish for bones and corpses without them instantly dissolving. (Garron)
* You can no longer fetch items that have teleport fixed. (Eris Discordia)
* When a creature (un)polys into a gargantuan creature, it will now also push away monsters in addition to crushing walls. (Nathan Bogue)
* Lich-form creatures that are undead no longer report it being your evil that was useless. (garron Bailey)
* When you name an item, the menu defaults to naming the type rather than the specific as this is the usual scenario.
* The floor of the kiwi room is now the proper floor tile.
* Controled teleport onto the square you are already standing no longer reports that you are blocked, but that you decide to stay put.
* Mysterious mapping of rooms fixed. Thanks to Kender and Mental Mouse for tracking this down – it has been annoying me for six years or so! (David Damerell, Eilu, Kender, Mental Mouse)
* buildall.sh should work with –use-home-dir again. (garron)
* The option menu no longer has Load. Instead it has Quit, which prompts you if you meant this. Loading is now only done from the main menu.
* No experience for killing your pets.
* Confirmation prompt if starting New Game with active saved game as one can easily accidentally overwrite it.
* Some spells when mistargeted no longer waste your mana. Not all, so remain vigilant.
* Cancelling your choice in the Wish menu no longer costs a turn.
* Fix potential crash when you are killed by splash damage from a thrown item.




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