Moonshell 2.10 Beta

Pubblicato: febbraio 4, 2010 da kabir94 in Uncategorized


Moonlight rilascia una nuova beta di Moonshell.

Perhaps, this is the last test version. I do not think that there is a fatal bug excluding soft reset.
The EXE version and the ZIP version are the same content. Because the download size is small, the EXE version is recommended.
Please use setup.exe as much as possible and install it. To avoid trouble as much as possible.

For about one week. The stable version is scheduled to be up-loaded if there is no problem.
For five years when MoonShell has been developed up to now. I wish sincerely to express my gratitude for a lot of cooperation and ‘All users’.

Praticamente se non ci saranno problemi con questa versione, nel giro di una settimana verrà caricata l’ultima e definitiva versione di Moonshell.

Download (.exe)
Sito ufficiale



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