Elemental Clash Basic Set Portable Spoiler DS

Pubblicato: gennaio 22, 2010 da jackinstoon in Uncategorized

jilocasin ha rilasciato la prima versione di jilocasin Elemental Clash Basic Set Portable Spoiler DS, homebrew che ci permette di visualizzare 60 carte del Basic Set del gioco Elemental Clash. Per maggiori info vi rimando al sito ufficiale.



  1. Andreas Propst ha detto:


    It’s me Andreas Propst alias jilocasin! I hope some of you read English…
    I am the creator of Elemental Clash and I made the EC portable spoiler for the DS. Please know that this is not an actual game, only a card library. Also it has still one bug. I will keep you updated on my progress on this!



    • kabir94 ha detto:

      thanks, i can understand a bit of english 🙂
      Yes, we know that this isn’t a game, but only a card library; but i’m sure that someone can enjoy this!
      Thanks for keeping us update, and i hope in some progress of this homebrew.
      p.s. sorry for my bad english 😛

  2. Andreas Propst ha detto:

    hey, your english is allright! i hope to be able to show you the first version of the real game soon…

    if you have any questions concerning the game, just write me a mail at andreas.propst31@gmail.com . i am always happy about mail 😀


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