Moonshell 2.09 Stable

Pubblicato: gennaio 4, 2010 da jackinstoon in Uncategorized

Il Team Moonlight ha rilasciato una nuova versione per il celebre player multimediale per Nintendo DS, Moonshell. Il player sta migliorando  sempre di più, infatti anche in questa versione il changelog è corposo:

About system.
The interchangeability problem of the adaptor that stopped for an abnormal sector read was corrected. For CycloDS etc.
The problem of prohibiting interrupt (IRQ) with the disk read/write cache system was corrected. For the skip sound and the noise.
It has safer interrupt (IRQ) prohibition processing and the release processing.
The bottleneck of the disk access was removed.

About file list.
Neither ‘0byte files’ nor ‘Filename without extension’ are displayed.
A simple off timer was added to the selection menu of the SELECT button.

About music player.
The sound output of ROMEO2 corrected a right and left, opposite bug.
The TTA file dealt with the interchangeability problem.

About text editor.
The bug that was not able to read the text file only of one line was corrected.
The bug that was not able to read the text file including the NULL character was corrected.

About etc.
For interchangeability. Old DPGEnc was bundled to the ‘DPGTools_AltVer’ folder.
For old NDS and the text reader. The bug that ‘Clear type font’ is strange was corrected.



P.S ci scusiamo per non aver newsato in questi giorni 🙂



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