Akaio Loader 1.5.1

Pubblicato: gennaio 4, 2010 da jackinstoon in Uncategorized


Nuovo update per il loader dell’AKAIO, il firmware open source per la linea di flashcard Acekard. Changelog:

+ Fix Date/Time retrieved from files.
+ Fix Cheat Window Freeze/White screen problem. (Thanks Baka_Kyuubi84 for the test case)
+ Added Swedish language file. (Thanks the_engineeer)
+ Added Brazilian Portuguese language file. (Thanks Cereal Killer)
+ Updated savelist.bin
+ Zelda now defaults to the required 1MB (If your using a 512kb save you will need to start again because the save file is corrupt, Alternatively you can manually set the save size backto 4Mbit and continue but it will cause problems later into the game).
+ Fix disk icon appearing over other windows.
+ Settings window shows long filenames for skins and languages now.

Per aggiornare scaricate la versione relativa alla vostra card e estraetela nella cartella “__aio/loaders” sostituendo eventuali file

Download per Acekard RPG
Download per AK2/AK2i
Download per Acekard+



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