Plain Breakout v1.1

Pubblicato: dicembre 20, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized

Plain Breakout

zhedelta rilascia la prima versione di Plain Breakout, un clone di Brekotut
Le parole dell’autore:

Hello. Smiley

This is a little clone of Breakout I made. It has got only one stage.

Use the control pad to move your paddle and press A to release the ball. If your paddle is moving while you release it, it wil make a different angle than when your paddle is still.

At the moment the ball goes pretty fast and doesn’t change its speed, but in the future I hope to improve the gameplay and make it accelerate and rebound more naturally. Once I’m satisfied, I’ll make more stages!

You don’t have lives, so don’t worry too much about dying… Except if you want to get a good score. You’ll lose 20 points each time your ball slips under your paddle! Roll Eyes

Update: I added an online Leaderboard. To activate it, tap over the new button in the title screen. You will need to have a wifi connection configured previously. Once you tap, I’ve found three things that may happen: there’s an 80% chance of getting connected, a 15% chance of not doing so (it will be trying to get a connection during ~1 minute; if it isn’t able an error will be displayed. You can always try again) and a 5% chance of getting two black screens and the console frozen. Maybe the PAlib wifi functions aren’t updated and don’t work well with the newer versions of the wifi libraries. Once connected, play and try to get a high score Cool. When you finish the stage, the User Name introduced on the settings of your NDS and your score will be sent to a server and recorded. After that, the top 10 scores will be displayed.

Please report here any bugs you encounter.


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