Rendezvous Delano

Pubblicato: dicembre 15, 2009 da jackinstoon in Uncategorized

DeProgrammer ha rilasciato la prima versione del suo homebrew-game in lavorazione. Esso è un gioco del genere shoot em’up ispirato alla saga del celebre Metroid! Lasciamo spazio alle parole dell’autore:

Since June, I’ve been working on a Metroid-oriented space shooter in PALib. Currently, it uses quite a selection of DS/libnds/PAlib features, including the following:
Music and sound effects via maxmod, including volume control
Rotating backgrounds
Changing background and sprite priorities
Rotating sprites (two different systems–16 pre-chosen rotsets and 16 available for more accurate rotations)
FAT saving/loading of options and saved games
Custom font
Both stylus and button-based controls
Wi-fi for checking for updates (but I didn’t include the ability to download the actual update, although I possibly will eventually)
Dual sprites and normal sprites both
PA_GetAngle, PA_GetDistance, PA_CreateSpriteFromGfx (to avoid stability issues I originally had with PA_DeleteSprite)


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