Eat or be Eaten BETA 1.1

Pubblicato: dicembre 15, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized

Eat or be Eaten

HvE rilascia questo simpatico homebrew dove noi impersoniamo un verme che deve prendere lo slancio dal terreno e mangiare le mosche in aria, evitando di essere mangiato dai corvi.
Le parole dell’autore:

Here is a mini-game I made. Grin
You are an earthworm and you have to beware of the bird who wanna eat you.
Eat flies in the mid-air and nutrients in the ground to get score and increase your worms’ length.
If you get caught by the bird you lose and possibly get a place in the highscore.

Left & Right/L & R: Change the direction
A: 1.Increase the speed
2.Bounce, if held when going towards the ground
Down: Prevent the worm from bouncing, if A is held
Select: Press in the beginning to start “Free Mode” which is unlocked when you win the game.

If you come near the bird it will hunt you, and if you don’t get caught it will fly to the ground and pick into it.
While the bird is picking, it won’t see (nor catch) you.

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