Remote Touch DS v0.3

Pubblicato: dicembre 4, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized

Remote Touch DS

BlazerRazor aggiorna il suo homebrew Remote Touch DS, un utilissimo homebrew che ci permette di controllare windows (per ora, prossimamente mac os e sistemi *nix)

0.3 (major)
* Y button in “cursor”-mode for ALT.
* A button in “cursor”-mode for TAB.
* X and B in “cursor”-mode for scroll.
* Adding left/right shoulder buttons to also mimic mouse clicks.
* Accelerated cursor movements; much like a real touchpad.
* Fixing problems when reconnecting to the server. You are now able to reconnect to the server without having to restart the server!
* Implementing a battery-saver feature – when the DS lid is closed.
* Upgraded to dswifi to 0.3.10. The wifi connection is much more stable now.
* Corrected X and Y on keyboard and fixed some of the currently missing keys. I have a problem locating all the keys.
* Added onscreen cursor to the client making it easier to see last cursor position.
* Removed manual input of server IP and port. You now need to put a “rtds_config.txt” in the root of your cartridge with this data.
* Server partially rewritten – fixed problem with reconnect.
* Client GUI features/eyecandy implemented. Also better netcode.

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