Super Smash Bros Rumble 0.7!

Pubblicato: dicembre 2, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized

Super Smash Bros Rumble

Finalmente è stata rilasciata una nuova versione di questo fantastico homebrew! è stata inserita una cpu (anche se molto buggosa), sono stati aggiunti personaggi e stage, e sono stati corretti molti bug.
Vi lascio al changelog ufficiale per ulteriori info:

Demo 0.7 of the new Rumble code is finally here! Brought to you by Neeher, Diddy and PS991, the new features include:

Unlockable Characters, 8 new stages, 10 new characters, side collisions, new title screen graphics, new sprites for Olimar, Geno, and Marth, Double Jump(some characters have more than 2 jumps), Running (double tap the D-Pad), Pausing, CREDITS and a CPU!

There are multiple ways to unlock characters (since there are a limited amount in the beginning), so explore the features mentioned above*HINT HINT HINT* and I am sure that you can unlock them all! Only 31 characters are unlocked (aka, the characters that have sprites done), so don’t get frustrated if you see a bunch of locked icons.


* Brinstar
* Hachiko
* The Beginning
* Treetop Town
* Battlefield
* Kamek’s Castle
* Dalfino Plaza
* Jungle Japes


When a cpu is on the field, it tends to teleport around the stage when you move (pretty funny to watch) and the jumping gets messed up while it is on the screen. DO NOT WORRY! We are keeping the glitchy cpu on the screen just to prove to the fans that cpus are very close to completion.

If you want to play it while it’s completely stable, only use the player itself without a cpu!

For those of you who are playing this on an emulator, I am sorry to tell you that your unlockables will not be saved. Saving only works while you are on a DS. You can still unlock characters, but they will be locked again the next time you play.

Because of their enormous file size, sounds have still not been added. Do not think that your speakers are broken or that there is a glitch or something, because there are no sounds.

Also, just to clarify: Even though this says “Demo 0.7″, this is only our second demo. Neeher, Ps991 and I picked up the project at demo 0.5. We are not responsible for such a limited emo with such a high number on it. Think of this as demo 0.2.

Sito ufficiale

  1. manexs4e ha detto:


  2. kabir94 ha detto:

    Infatti non è possibile attaccare…
    Per ora la cpu è in pre-alpha, infatti segue solo il tuo pg e salta con te
    Aspettiamo una prossima release in cui probabilmente si inizierà a poter giocare sul serio a questo hb

  3. manexs4e ha detto:

    ok grazie per la risposta


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