StarShooter 1.13 Beta

Pubblicato: novembre 22, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized


Nirraic rilascia una nuova versione beta di StarShooter, simpatico clone di space invaders con qualcosa in più


hey here is my next update it now has 3 levels like the last update the shooter enemy shooters are stronger .
there is a bug with level 3 two sprite disappear before you even do any thing if any one can help fix this that would be great

Thread di rilascio

  1. Nirraic ha detto:

    wow I’m surprised my game made it on to here.hope it gets more publicity from this.

    also i don’t see any citing about where you got your information from. so here is the link for the latest releases of my game

    I should be releasing a new version soon.

    wow sono sorpreso il mio gioco ha reso a here.hope ottiene di più da questa pubblicità.

    anche io non vedo alcuna citazione su dove hai i tuoi dati da. ecco il link per le più recenti versioni del mio gioco

    Vorrei essere il rilascio di una nuova versione presto.

    • crazyjack88 ha detto:

      Hello thanks for the link! When will a new version please let us know so we will put on the site. We have seen that few sites have entered your game. Wait for the next release! Jackinstoon
      P.S excuse for my poor English: (

    • kabir94 ha detto:

      you don’t see any citing because i daily check ds game maker forum, and we don’t copy news from other site 🙂
      if you talk about the changelog, is simply your release message from ds game maker forum
      i wake for a new version, i like this homebrew 🙂

  2. Nirraic ha detto:

    thanks. the next update will be out as soon as i can think of some more sprite for the game and i need to fix some bugs.


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