NDS Backup Tool FTPd 0.10

Pubblicato: novembre 17, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized

Rudolph torna sulla scena NDS con l’NDS Backup Tool FTPd, una versione evoluta del famosissimo NDS Bakup Tool.
Questa versione trasformerà il vostro DS in un server FTP, e tramite un client FTP sarà possibile bakuppare i giochi e i save da scheda DS.

Ecco le parole dell’autore (tradotte in inglese dal giapponese):

The maintenance of the DS development setting was executed though it was such a situation.
The program of another method of “NDS Backup Tool” was made by way of experiment.

「NDS Backup Tool FTPd」

It operates it with the FTP client that was accustomed to be used from PC because the DS side becomes FTPd this time.

< point when it is not possible to connect it >
・ PC: Setting of firewall
・Wifi-AP:ESS-ID ANY connection
・ DS(FTPd): Internet Protocol address confirmation

Details of the usage etc. of this tool「It reads and [ne]. txt」Please refer to [wo].
Basically, I will not support it concerning this tool at all.
Please use it as a personal research and experimental use to the end.
Because the responsibility cannot be taken even if the trouble of the damage of the SAVE data of ROM etc. occurs . . In the self-responsibility.

Apettatevi una guida su come usarlo a breve!

Sito ufficiale / Versione tradotta



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