Super Smash Bros. Rumble DS 0.6

Pubblicato: novembre 5, 2009 da jackinstoon in Uncategorized

Aggiornare il porting di Super Smash Browl Brawl per DS, il gioco è stato rivisto e sono state aggiunte nuove funzioni e nuovi personaggi. Da provare! Changelog:

What’s New:
• Collision Detection Added!
• Dynamic Camera Added!
• Character Selection Screen Complete!
• Stage Select Added
• Custom Font Added
• Timer Added
• Basic Character and Stage Attributes System Added (Makes adding them easier and unique), See how Luigi moves slower but jumps higher than Mario
• Save System Added (No use for it yet)
• 21 Characters Added! If you pick a character and it loads Diddy, it means they don’t have a strip yet!
• 2 Stages Added!
• Lots of Issues Fixed!
• Basic Control Added!

You can only play as one player, no cpus yet. Don’t fret though, the next demo will definitely have cpus (and hopefully some AI).

• Mario
• Luigi
• Animal Crosser
• Deoxys
• Diddy Kong
• Geno
• Ike
• Jigglypuff
• Knuckles
• Link
• Marth
• Olimar
• Pikachu
• Shadow
• Snake
• Sonic
• Stafy
• Tails
• Toon Link
• Waluigi
• Yoshi

• DK Isle
• Nintendo DS

DOWNLOAD (Thanks to QJ)

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