TheSMSCenter v2.0

Pubblicato: ottobre 23, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized


Mik rilascia una nuova versione di TheSMSCenter, utilissima applicazione (italiana) che vi permetterà di inviare sms direttamente dal vostro ds (e in modo totalmente gratuito)


* Fixed some bugs (now sending message should be smoother)
* Fixed Up/Down bug in TheWall function on DS (in 1.0 the previous version the two keys were inverted)
* Recoded ConnectWifi function now more and more stable than before: even if you lost wifi connection, the DS will reconnect automatically when you will retun under the coverage of your Network
* Added Phonebook1.0 to store up to 10 contact (maybe more). For each contact you can specify Name, Surname, Number.
* New keyboard
* New menu organization (touch the thin gray line on the right of the touchscreen to make it pop up)
* Now the sender of the SMS is set as your number (the one you setted up during registration) (by now it works only for SMPP server only)
* Added smiles on TheWall (check the table on the left side of TheWall page to know the correspondence string->smile)
* Updated Terms&Conditions:point 3 added: “All the datas concerning messages sent by users will be stored into logfiles to ensure the security of all the community. Once again these files will not be released for any reason but they are available by the competent authority” – [].
Remember that if you don’t want to accept the new point added in this update, you can ask for account deletion sending me an email through the form available on the official website.

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