S8DS v0.1

Pubblicato: ottobre 13, 2009 da kabir94 in Uncategorized


Flubba rilascia S8DS (Sega 8-Bit DS), ovvero un porting di SMSadvance (emulatore Master system/GameGear) su ds

Le parole dell’autore:

More or less a port of SMSAdvance to the NDS now under the name of S8DS, as it’s a SEGA 8-bit emulator for the DS.
The biggest difference from the GBA is probably that you don’t have to use a builder to add roms, you can use zipped files directly and the screen doesn’t have to be scaled to fit.

*Pretty much everything works perfectly.
*Supports zipped files.
*No scaling needed for most games.
*Can scale to correct aspect for PAL, NTSC & GameGear.

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