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Hero2 ha rilasciato la prima versione di ContactDS un’organizer di contatti per Nintendo DS! Vi lascio alle parole dell’autore:

ContactsDS is a contacts organizer for the NDS. It is a WIP, has the simplest of features at the moment, and is insufficient. Nevertheless, I will be updating the app very often, so check for updates in this thread.

Copy “ContactsDS.nds” and “contacts.list” to the root of your card and run normally. (NOTE: some cards require that you DLDI patch ContactsDS first)

Scrolling the cursor:
Use the D-Pad Up button to scroll up and D-Pad Down button to scroll down

Adding a contact:
To add a contact to the list, just press the R trigger. ContactsDS for ask for the contact’s name. Use the On-Screen-Keyboard (OSK) to type in the name and tap “Rtrn” to continue. ContactsDS will now ask for the contact’s home phone number. To skip this, enter “0” and tap “Rtrn”, this will be fixed in the next release. ContactsDS will now ask for the contact’s cell phone number. You can skip this in the same way as the home phone number by entering “0” and tapping “Rtrn”. The contact will now be added to the list and show up each time you use ContactsDS.

Removing a contact:
Removing a contact is as simple as scrolling the cursor down (or up), next to the contact’s name and pressing the L trigger.

Viewing contact information:
To view a contact’s information, scroll the cursor til the cursor is next to the contact’s name and press the A button. The contact’s information will be displayed. To return to the list of contacts, press the B button.

You can exit the “Add Contact” mode by pressing the B button at anytime. (NOTE: there is a small bug when doing this after the contact’s name is entered. This will be fixed soon)

Any reviews are welcome as well as ways inwhich the app could be improved. Thank you.





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