Dopo il problematico Firmware di ieri eccone arrivare uno nuovo che risolve tutti i problemi. Ora le SDHC funzionano! Per l’installazione guardate il video.
Di seguito le note di rilascio:

This is not the first EZ5i update but it is potentially one of the more important. It allows the EZ5i to work under a DSi using the 1.4 firmware but doing so presently requires that the cart use a proper icon and text from a game.
Updating is as simple as running the ez5firmwreUP_V12.nds from the root of the EZ5i, naturally this requires something that works with the DSi like a DS, DS lite or DSi with firmware lower than 1.4, the whole procedure takes about 30 seconds although we do suggest that you charge your device and preferably power it from the wall as well.

A check was also added so you can no longer downgrade to an earlier firmware and brick your EZ5i (it should just hang if you try).

This is just the internal loader so you can continue using any kernel that works with the EZ5i.

MD5: 3978A3CAEC4721BDBA15742BEF919F2E
SHA-1: 81B9F29E5669625953D17F7F87AA70565807D2AE


N.B Non ci assumiamo nessuna responsabilità di quello che potrebbe accadere al vostro DSi o alla vostra EZ-Vii!



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